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Shandong Zeshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Chemical Park in Zhoucun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zibo, Shandong, adjacent to Jinan-Qingdao Expressway in the north, and  National Highway 309 in the south. With self-managed import and export rights, the company specializes in development and research, production and sales of fine chemical products. Its products have been applied in the industries of chemical industry, electronics, medicine, pesticide, high molecular material, petroleum processing and cosmetics.

Driven by technical progress, the company has technical and marketing teams in R&D, production and marketing, and has cooperated with colleges and universities and research institutions for continuous technical innovation and product innovation, making a great breakthrough in technical level for products under production or R&D. The company has stably cooperated with several domestic and overseas famous companies, with smooth overseas sales channels to export 90% products to the overseas markets.
The company attaches the importance to quality control by continuously standardizing quality and management work and establishing the internal auditing mechanism, so as to ensure the stable product quality. Its product quality and service are recognized by users.
The company was certified to ISO9000 in 2009.

In the development philosophy of “Stable Quality, Scientific Development, User Service”, the company can offer services for customers with sincere attitude, high-quality product and advanced technology.