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  • New: The method of treatment of hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphonite is described in detail
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  • Time: 2017-07-06
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In the use of hexa phenoxy ring triphosphonite when it is necessary to deal with its samples, in order to allow you in this area have some skills, the following will share the next method for you, please carefully understand the next.
1, non-reduced hexa phenoxy ring triphosphazene treatment
Physiological body fluids, serum, urea and other samples, generally only 1% SDS boiling water for 3min, without reducing agent, so the protein folding is not destroyed, not as a measure of molecular weight to use.
2, with the alkylation of the reduction of phenanthroline ring triphosphazene treatment
The alkylation of iodoacetate can be well and permanently protect the SH group, resulting in a narrower band; the other iodoacetate can trap excess DTTs while preventing the texture of silver stains. 100 ul of hexachloroxycarbonyltriphosphazene buffer in 10 ul of 20% iodoacetate and incubated at room temperature for 30 min.
Which also to restore the treatment of phenanthroline ring triphosphonite samples, then the product in electrophoresis, only according to the molecular weight to separate, master the knowledge, then it will allow the product to ensure that it has the effect.