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  • Name: Poly(bis(phenoxy)phosphazene)
  • No.: 003
  • Time: 2011-06-27
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English Name: Poly(bis(phenoxy)phosphazene); Phenoxyphosphazene Oligomer;
Chinese Name: Phenoxy Polyphosphazene
Name of Like Products: KP-735NA;
CAS No.: 28212-48-8
Molecular Formula: [P (C10H10O) 2N] n

Appearance: Light yellow to white crystal powder
Volatile (%): 0.2 (max)
Ash Content (%): 0.1 (max)
Purity (%): 99.0 (min)
Packing: 25kg fiber can, or customized according to customer demands.
Application: It can be used as an additive-type fire retardant, or a halogen-free fire retardant in epoxy resin, copper clad plate, LED luminous diode, powder paint, encapsulating material or polymer material.