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  • Name: Benzyl 2-naphthyl ether
  • No.: Benzyl 2-naphthyl ether
  • Time: 2011-06-27
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  English Name: 2-(Phenylmethoxy)naphthalene; Benzyl 2-naphthyl ether; BON; NBE
  Chinese Name: beta-Naphthol benzyl ether; 2-naphthol benzyl ether
  CAS No.: 613-62-7
  Molecular Formula: C17H14O
  Molecular Weight: 234.3
  Molecular Structure:      
  Main Technical Index:
  Appearance: White powder
  Purity: 99.0% (min)
  Packing: 25KG (net weight) packed in paper or 500KG in container bag
  Application: It is used in the medicine industry to synthesize benzyl penicillin, or the synthetic perfume in the industries of perfume compounds for soap and cosmetics, and strawberry essence; or used as heat sensitive paint to produce thermal recording paper, such as thermal carbon paper, graduated recoding paper in instruments, various receipts and invoices.