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Phenoxycyclotriphosphonite has a high thermal decomposition temperature, we are in the production of a good helper, then in order to let everyone know more about it, this page will be detailed for everyone of the product synthesis method, I hope the team everyone useful The
1, the reagent sodium dihydrogen phosphate heated to 700 ~ 900 ° C melting, when the melt is completely transparent, the internal bubble disappears, quenched to 60 ~ 80 ° C, to obtain a glass-like product, that is, Nitrile.
2, with phosphorus pentoxide method
The yellow phosphorus in the dry air flow combustion oxidation, cooling the phosphorus pentoxide and soda ash mixed by a certain percentage. The mixed powder is indirectly heated in a graphite crucible to melt and melt, and the resulting hexacryloxycyclotriphosphonite is quenched and pulverized to obtain the product.
3, phosphoric anhydride method
The yellow phosphorus heating and melting, into the oxidation of combustion furnace, with dry oxygen in the oxygen oxidation reaction, the formation of intermediate products, phosphoric anhydride. And then mixed with soda ash and soda ash, the high temperature polymerization reaction, quenching the film that was phenolic hexacryloxy cyclotriphosphonite, crushed to obtain powdery phenanthroline ring triphosphonitrile.