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Zeshi mission: to create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create returns for shareholders, create wealth for society

Zeshi Vision: Zehe Wan Shi: a world-class enterprise of new lithium battery safety solutions

Core values: the achievements of customers, creating staff; technology-based, innovation to; safety and environmental protection, industry-leading

Business philosophy: technology to lead, Ze and world

Management philosophy: "three lines five" -based, to promote scientific development

Development concept: innovation, coordination, open, green, sharing

Technology concept: scientific and technological innovation, focusing on cross, support the development and lead the future

Quality concept: quality is the life of the enterprise, the quality of the brand is the basis

Service concept: always more than the customer's expectations

Environmental protection concept: Ze and Wan Shi, clean production, green development

Security concept: life is priceless, safe for the day, pay attention to detail, to prevent risks

Talent concept: people-oriented, people do their best, only make the best use, with something into

Learning philosophy: work learning, learning work; create a learning enterprise, establish a lifelong learning philosophy

Team concept: team, responsibility, honor, success from every employee to pay!